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Please call for reservations.

Dinner reservations are available for any size party.

Lunch & brunch reservations are available for parties of 6 or more.

in a hole 13
en cocotte 13

shrimp and grits with fried egg and toasts 16
oxtail hash with gruyere, horseradish crème frâiche and fried eggs 15
deep dish quiche lorraine 12
fried farro with bacon, egg and sriracha 13
soft scrambled with herbed cream cheese 14
omelet with 3 fillings 15  
fillings: goat cheese, gruyere, feta, tomato confit, mushrooms, caramelized onions, long cooked greens

house-made fennel cured salmon with crème frâiche on pumpernickel 16
braised leeks, bacon and fried egg with romesco on toasted baguette 15
fried chicken with pickled green tomatoes and mayonnaise on toasted bun 15

seared calamari salad  with mussels, clams, cannellini beans and sherry vinaigrette 14
burrata  heirloom tomatoes, red onion and soft herbs 13
farmer's market salad  shallots and crème frâiche vinaigrette 7                 

thick french toast 13
add poached prunes and mascarpone 3 
house-made granola 8
add bananas and chocolate shavings 2
bowl of berries with bananas and crème frâiche  9
baked pancake with meyer lemon custard 8
pecan roll  4  
ricotta coffee cake 7 

house cured bacon 8
nueske apple smoked bacon 7
pan roasted potatoes 4
toast and house-made jam 4
french baguette, buckwheat or seeded pullman 

mimosa 12 
venetian sunrise: aperol, prosecco, orange juice  12
london mary: spiced tomato juice with pale ale 7
fresh squeezed orange juice, tomato juice 4
house-made ginger ale with lime juice and mint  4
san pellegrino, izze, coke 3
lamill coffees, chado teas 
wines by the glass and bottle 

Our jams and chutneys are available for purchase.

Yes, canelé caters. Consider us for art openings, small weddings, intimate dinners, boxed lunches, or hosting your party at the restaurant.